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I prepare a special breakfast for my slave. He has to take my big morning shit to work, including the full amount of morning urine. A huge brown morning fresh diarrhea awaits him for breakfast, but he does not yet know about this gift. I can imagine how pleased he will be. Who wants to be my toilet?

Are you ready to receive, my toilet? As you wanted, dont you. Now the time has come! Open your mouth wider and I will impose a small mountain of shit on your face. Mmm ... what a delicious disgusting smell, exactly as you love, slave. I ate chips with today, so youll have to chew on the awful taste. However, it does not matter to me at all. Youre my toilet)))

Thanks for showing up on time for your appointment! You want see my ass close up. I can give you exactly what you need. Don't worry I am particular gorgeous. I have something special for you. Trust me, Ill give you unforgettable sensationsÂ…Now open your mouth and eat my Giant Shit that I prepared especial for you. Do you like it? I dont care, Just eat it all!

Toilet slave eat Mistress shit. She so pretty and beatifull model and love to shit in the slave mouth. She full up toilet slave with her feces. Also she make him to lick her boots with his tongue to clean it. He sucks the heels and submissively fulfills whims of her Mistress. Now its time to lunch. The slave opens his mouth, and Adelina fills it with warm shit. Adelina pushes the remaining shit into the slaves mouth and immediately sits on his face so that he cannot spit out. And a lot of shit gets to his stomach. He has no choice but he must eat everything. Its incredible - the slave is eating the crap of a beautiful girl and enjoying it!

Toilet slave sniff Mistress smelly shit. She in white sexy lingerie. She says: "I want you to take my shit in your hand, and then grab your cock, and cum while giving yourself a filthy shit-jerk with my shit. Then you must eat it. All to the last bit! And I want see your mouth empty and that you swallowed the waste. Prove to me that youÂ’re worth my shit"