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The second part of the video - the two mistresses humiliate the slave and feed the slave with their shit. First mistress Adeline shit the slave into the mouth, and makes him swallow smelly shit. The slave has a hard time because after the first feeding, the second girl Alexandra feeds the slave with shit from pretty ass. They feed the slave with a spoon and make him eat all shit.

Domineering Mistress humiliating the slave. Fucks slave mouth with a toy dick. Tramping the slave and licking feet of the mistress. And at the end of this meeting Mistress shitting into the slaves mouth. She makes the slave swallow everything, stuffing a dick into his mouth full of shit!

Mistress Adelina uses slave instead of a toilet. She shitting into his mouth and sits on his face. The whole face of the slave is smeared by her shit. This is a real paradise for a pervert. The slave suffocates with the smell of nasty shit. But Mistress does not allow slave to leave.

Young sweet girl Adelina Frau prepare meal for the slaves. She fills the plate with smelly shit, then to send this lunch to the customers. Every day hundreds of orders from fans come to her, and whenever possible she sends her shit by mail. Some of her spit to lube up dick when slave jerking off enjoying delicious waste! Time to enjoy this meal, make sure to savor every morsel!